Understanding The Need For Automotive Maintenance

What The Leak Under Your Truck Is And How To Fix It

Leaking liquids under your truck is never something that you want to see, but they can actually be an early warning of something bigger and help you catch it early. Knowing what is leaking can help you correct the problem and get your truck back on the road. 

Engine Oil

The most common liquid you may find under your truck is engine oil. It can leak from the front or rear of the engine and often indicates a bad engine seal. The oil is usually black or brown and commonly drips on the ground from just under the front or rear of the engine. In most cases, the oil is dripping on the frame or the steering parts as well, so the spot on the ground under the truck may not be directly under the leak.

Sometimes the oil is coming from higher up on the engine and running down the side, so check carefully when you are looking for an oil leak. If the oil is coming from the front or rear of the engine, you may have a bad main or rear seal and the seal will need replacing. It is a big job, so it is one that should be left to your local automotive repair shop. If you don't repair the seal, eventually, the seal will fail and you will lose a large amount of oil, causing damage to the engine.

Transmission Fluid

Marked by a reddish-brown color, and dripping under the center of the truck, the transmission oil can begin to leak from the transmission from the rear seal, the oil pan gasket, or the dipstick tube. Often, you will also notice the transmission not shifting correctly because the oil in the transmission has fallen below the safe levels. If you suspect the transmission is the source of a leak under your truck, check the case, the tail shaft housing, and the oil pan for signs of fluid or visible damage.  

Anti-Freeze Or Coolant

The anti-freeze or coolant in your truck will appear green or greenish-brown in color. In most cases, the leak will be near the front of the engine, directly under the radiator or engine of the truck. A leak in the cooling system can allow the liquid to run down the engine and drip almost anywhere, but look for the green color in the coolant and pay attention to the temperature of the engine. If the temp goes up and you notice a leak under the truck, have your local garage check for a coolant system leak.