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Frugal Tire Buying Tips For Consumers

Buying new tires for your vehicle is typically one of the last things people want to spend their hard-earned money on. And, if your vehicle requires light truck or specialty tires suitable for 4WD adventures, then the price tag for a full set can easily surpass a thousand dollars.

Thankfully, with today's easy access online to compare different tires and their prices, it's easier than ever to save some money on your next set of car tires. 

Whether your vehicle currently has a blowout and you need to shop today or if you are simply preparing ahead of time because you noticed the tread on your existing tires is starting to look worn, then these frugal tire buying tips are for you:

Frugal Tire Buying Tip: Do Some Internet Research Before Visiting the Local Tire Store

While it may seem obvious to research different brands of tires and their prices online, it may not be quite as obvious you should also research your specific make and model of vehicle and read other owners' reviews of various different tires. 

Since all passenger vehicles are different, tires will vary in their performance from model to model. For example, owners of Ford trucks may prefer Goodrich tires while Chevy owners report performance issues solved by installing Bridgestone tires instead.   

Frugal Tire Buying Tip: Know What Tires You Want Before Leaving Home and What Their Retail Price Should Be

Once you have determined the tires you want to install on your vehicle, then you should search for them online and look at their retail prices. This serves two purposes:

  1. It gives you the option of ordering your tires online and only having them mounted and balanced locally.
  2. It gives you bargaining leverage because you can ask the local tire shop to price match the online price to encourage you to purchase from them rather than the online seller.

Frugal Tire Buying Tip: Ask Your Local Tire Shop About Financing Coupons or Current Tire Manufacturer Rebates

Many franchised tire shops offer in-house financing for buyers. When this is the case, they also typically offer coupons for people who open a financing account rather than paying for their tires with a credit card or cash. 

When you visit your local tire shop, ask if they offer financing and if they have any coupons or specials associated with opening an account.

Lastly, tire manufacturers often issue rebates for buyers of a complete set of their tires. So, make sure you ask the car tire shop about any current rebate programs that might save you money on your car's new tires.